Today's economy changes every second. I will be a good representative for fiscal conservation. We need to target technical education in our schools that will provide partnerships with emerging manufacturers here in the granite state.  I will stand up and work to create new jobs, with the local businesses in New Hampshire.  I will provide leadership and accountability in Concord while creatively thinking outside the box.  I fully support a minimum wage increase for New Hampshire to expand economic opportunity and helping to keep New Hampshire competitive with other states.  I believe that New Hampshire’s small business network is vast, robust and energetic and the backbone of our economy.  From the local baker to the soap maker, restaurant owner to a doctor working in family medicine we as granite stater’s need to support them. 

I do not support any new tax legislation that would affect the property or home owner in New Hampshire. I would support creating legislation to allow for the sale of medicinal and recreational marijuana within the state, and decriminalization of a respectable amount of marijuana on a person that legally purchased it.  I would support taxation on the sales which would bring in a new revenue source to the state to fund programs such as special education and infrastructure. 

I fully support establishing casinos and gaming facilities within the state borders.  I believe that if we explore the opportunity to bring in a new entertainment industry that New Hampshire will be placed on the map as a location to visit, even more than it is now. I also believe that with bringing in this to the Granite State we will then be increasing our job market and increasing our revenues spent at local eateries.