I strongly believe in a well-balanced educational system that is affordable to everyone.  Education is key to our success, growth and the future of our community, state and nation.  I will be focused on special education funding and policy.  We need to study the effects of a proper education and supply our schools with the best tools to handle any situation and provide proper effective learning.  

Another focus will be adequate funding of special education within municipalities. We’ve seen that funding can change at a moment’s notice and I will work to balance the budget and provide adequate funding for the arts, special education and career technical education.  

Career technical education is another effective form of learning.  Learning the specialty trades and a technical skill is crucial to our success as a society.  We will always need Farmers, Plumbers, Construction Experts as well nurses, public safety employees, fire fighters, EMT’s and police.  Career Technical education can teach people the skills and craftsmanship of a trade at a very low cost and provide hands on learning for manufacturing, craftsmanship and trade work.  

What I challenge myself to fight for will-be to continue talks and keep the lines of communication open with our local leaders, school boards, superintendents and elected officials as to what their needs are.  I will work with the Department of Education to ensure that we have the right resources in-place to provide superior education to all granite state families.